Phishing is a critical cyber-attack vector.
Let's fight the criminals!

Get the Blocklist to filter Phishing domain!

Compatible with Pi-hole, AdAway, Blokada,
AdGuard and any other Host/DNS filtering system.
Already included in NextDNS Threat Intelligence Feed.

Data Source and Analysis

Generated every 6 hours from PhishTank, OpenPhish,, PhishFindR, and reports.
Each domain is analyzed to eliminate false positives,
through the Whitelist of Anudeep and the Alexa Rank.


Do you want to help in countering Phishing?
Is simple, PhishTank is a free and open portal!
Register, insert new case or validate the existing reports!
So you fight the Phishing and help this Blocklist to grow.

Extended or Normal Blocklist

The difference is in the subdomains.
The phishing kits can be reached even without subdomains.
The extended blocklist also contains domains without subdomains.
For example, it will contain the domain and

Blocklist Pi-Hole update

Pi-Hole updates the domains to be blocked once a week.
It is possible to change this configuration via the terminal:
$ sudo nano /etc/cron.d/pihole
And change the default value of updateGravity by updating it daily.